We pray for the early Marriage of your Son/Daughter






All Parents start the Search for a Suitable alliance as soon as their Son or Daughter is ready for Marriage. When they get a suitable Varan, they go to an Astrologer to check Marriage Compatibility. The Astrologer checks the Horoscopes of the Boy and Girl and tells the parents whether Marriage can be considered or Not. Majority of the Parents do not know the details of a Horoscope Comparison. This Book is written with a View to educate such parents and it explains the following  subjects.

1. Why should we marry?
2. How many Types of marriages are there?
3. Changes taking place in this Kaliyugam.
4. Importance of Horoscope Comparison for Marriage.
5. Detailed Explanation of Nakshathra Porutham
6. Details of Chevvai Dosham              
7. What is Pavasamyam and how to calculate this?
8. Details of Dasa Sandippu              9.  Why marriages are delayed?
10. Doshangal, Pariharangal           11. Marriage Registration
12. and many more which all parents should know.

 Written by PK Kalyanaraman Founder of Vivahasangamam
Printed and Published by Sankar Padhippagam. Phone 044-26502086.
Pages 160. Price Rs 100.00
The book can be obtained From SANKAR PADHIPPAGAM-21 Teachers Guild Colony, Rajajinagar Extn, Villivakkam, Chennai.600 049-Phone 044-2650 2086.


     Our Vedhas and Sastras clearly specify sevaral Rituals to be performed during our lifetime. Our next birth depends upon what we do in this Janma.

If we want to reach Moksham and avoid the next Birth we have to perform all the Samskarams in the proper manner with Devotion and Care. We must also know the procedure of each samskaram and do it correctly in the way it is specified in our Vedhas.

It is not necessary to know the Manthras.  If we can understand the meaning of the Manthras, pronounce and repeat them correctly as said by your Sastrigal (Priest), we will get the full benefit of what we do. This book will help you to know all such details.

In the Book Review of the Tamil Daily 'DINA MALAR' dated April 8,2007. the usefullness of this book is explained. Read PIRAVIPPAYAN, perform all the Rituals correctly with Care and Devotion. Leave the rest to God.

The book can be obtained From SANKAR PADHIPPAGAM-21 Teachers Guild Colony, Rajajinagar Extn, Villivakkam, Chennai.600 049-Phone 044-2650 2086.




Daily Prayer should form part of our Life. Some persons do have this habit.

But due to our busy Life schedule a good number of people are unable to find time for daily prayer. This pocket size book has been created to help everyone develop the habit of Daily Prayer. Only 10 to 15 minutes are required to read the Sthothrams printed in the first 22 pages.

Buy this Book, develop the habit of Praying God Daily, If you cannot pray in the morning pray in the evening at home. Pray anywhere any time if you are a Traveler. Cannot pray at home before leaving .to office, pray when you find time. But Develop the Habit of Praying Daily.

May God Bless you. You can get this Book from Sankar Padhippagam-21,Teachers Guild Colony-Rajajinagar Extn. Villivakkam-Chennai-600 049 Phone 044-2650 2086

Present these books  to your  family,  friends & newly weds.