We pray for the early Marriage of your Son/Daughter






1. Read the Important revelation on  - Ayilyum-Moolam-Kettai Visakam Stars. Click here

2. Comparison of Boy & Girl Horoscope

 Parents seeking a suitable match for their son or daughter are very much anxious and concerned about getting a proper alliance.Hence they get the Horoscopes of the Boy & Girl compared by an Astrologer and proceed further only if there is good and proper agreement. Many Parents are not aware of  the Basic details of Horoscope Comparison.Horoscope comparison is not essential when a Boy and Girl like each other and decide to marry.Yet Parents would  want to compare the Horoscopes.After several years of wedlock some couples wish to know the Marriage Compatibility of their Horoscopes because it was not checked earlier.It is better to compare the Horoscopes and decide before the alliance is settled. If you wish to know about this please continue to read.

You must know about the following 5 points
1.Proper selection of Horoscopes..2.What is Nakhshathra Porutham? 3.Basic ideas about Chevvai Dhosham  4. Dasa Santhippu.  5. Papa Samyam or Dosha Samyam.

1.Selection of Horoscopes.

1. Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth  are they Correct?
2, Horoscope Prepared by which Panchangam?(Almanac)?
3 Subsect-Gothram-Age difference & Birth Star are they Correct.?
4. Compatibility of Birth Star of  Boy and Girl.(See our Star Match Tables)
5..Did the  Horoscopes were selected according to Nakshthra Porutham?
If you are sure you have selected horoscopes as per  the above 5 Points, you can proceed to Consult an Astrologer.
But before that you should know the following  important points.
What are they?

2.Nakshthra Porutham
10 points are  checked in Nakshatra Porutham..They are
Dhinam- Ganam- Yoni- Rasi- Rajju- Vedhai- SthreeDhirgam-Mahendram-Rasiyathipathi-Vasiyam. In these the 1st 5, are a Must and most Astrologers will check them correctly. Nadi Porutham should also be Checked.

3.Chevvai Dhosham:
If Chevvai is present in 2-4-7-8 & 12th places from Lagnam it is considered as Dhosham. Chevvai Dhosham should be checked from Lagnam, Chandran and Sukran. There are several exceptions and conditions to be considered before declaring that  Chevvai Dhosham is present.. Ask your Astrologer to tell you  whether there is Chevvai Dhosham and how he decided about it.

4. Dasa Sandhippu.
In every horoscope, The Particular Dasa Balance Remaining At The Time Of Birth is Calculated and written Example: Surya Dasa  4yrs-6mths-21Days. Based on this the different Dasa periods should be worked out for the Boy & Girl and compared.  Dasa Santhippu is declared  when a Dasa Changes within a period of 1 year either for the Girl or The Boy. If Dasa Santhi occurs marriage will not be recommended.
Some Astrologers say that over a period of time same Dasa should not be happening for the Boy and Girl. Opinions Differ. Do as your Astrologer says

5. Dhosha Samyam or Papa Samyam.
This is the most important part in Horoscopes Comparison. Here the positions of Rahu - Kethu - Sani - Chevvai & Suryan are examined in 3stages with respect to Lagnam,Chandran  & Sukran. Calculations are made to find out the Dosha index for the Boy & Girl. If the Dosham is more for the Girl than the Boy Marriage will not be recommended.